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      "There's no rush, baby.  Life isn't a fire drill."  - My Dad 

Praise and Love

I've had the blessing of becoming mitras, or 'friends on the path' with so many amazing people through yoga and travel.  Whether it is through another teacher, a student, or a fellow practitioner in a workshop, I learn from everyone and I'm grateful for each interaction and spark.  I feel so thankful to be part of such a beautiful kula and global tribe.

Before reading any praise and love for me, I want to share all the love and gratitude I have for my family.  Without the union and support of my dedicated parents, I wouldn't be here today to experience and share yoga.  And without my brother, Keath, my childhood would have missed so much of the play I treasure in life.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.   

I am honored, humbled and joyous to receive such heartfelt feedback from my mitras.


"Thank you for turning my relationship with yoga into a love affair, for showing me its dance, for painting me its art, for telling me its stories, for putting divine grace in motion, and poetic strength into every flow.  For breathing the beauty into blessing yourself.  I put hands together over heart, and bow to you, Heather. xxx
-- Aimee Hansen -- USA

"After a class with Heather, I feel like I've been to church - rinsed clean from the inside.  She brings a unique theme to each class, intertwining stories of the deities and mantras to the flow.  Heather creates a supportive and safe environment with no judgement, encouraging me to be compassionate with myself.  She enables me to explore my yoga practice in a creative and playful way, always staying true to what my body needs on that day.  Her classes at Island Yoga helped strip away layers of built up tension, stress and negativity accumulated over the years.  I had been practicing yoga for 10 years already and had experienced some wonderful teaching, but Heather's teaching style was something new... a breath of fresh air... she enabled me to access my inner self and start healing. Thank you Heather...you are a Natural Born Healer with an amazing gift....long may you share xxxxxx"
-- Kim O'Malley -- London, England

"I encountered Heather at a time when I couldn't have needed her and her beautiful yoga classes more.  After a week of her classes, London, the credit crunch, unemployment, rain and misery seemed a million miles away.  Despite 15 years of practising yoga I was still surprised and enchanted by every class.  And she's a fab, fun-filled lady too!  I would travel the seas to attend her classes again.  Truly a legend.  Namaste"
-- Susannah -- London, England 

"Heather's spirit is infectious!  Her experiences shine through in her teaching and writing.  Her curiosity about life, the yogic path and travel will surely provide all who are fortunate enough to practice with her, new lessons and pearls of wisdom for many abundant years to come.  The tribe of global yoginis is lucky to have her in the sisterhood!  May she shine her light on you." 
-- Rachel Roberts.  Writer.  Photographer.  Yogini. -- Cincinnati, Ohio, USA 

"Heather has a wonderfully peaceful energy and an instinct for creating a beautiful harmony between physical and emotional awareness in class.  Her classes let each person create the flow that feels right to them and is a perfect space for experienced to beginner yogis.  I tried not to miss a class when Heather was teaching because it always made me feel energised, relaxed, light, fluid, sexy, happy, in love and most importantly, it made me feel like me.  Come to Australia and teach!  Thank you sincerely for sharing your energy." 
-- Brett Urwin -- Australia

"I met Heather in Goa, India where I came for vacation in the winter of 2010.  I was looking to start practice of yoga in a way that was both spiritual and physical.  Meeting Heather was the right start on that journey.  I remember thinking - "This woman has something enlightened about herself, I hope some day I can get there too."  Heather is an authentic, caring and deeply spiritual person. What's more - she admits not to be flawless.  Too many yoga teachers I met had an air of flawlessness around them, which is impossible for a human being.  Heather is human, as we all are.   I appreciate her for that.
-- Akmaral -- Kazakhstan

"When arriving in Nicaragua with no luggage and no idea of what lay ahead, Heather greeted me with an open heart and open arms.  She took on much more responsibility than was hers to ensure that the following month was fulfilling.  I will never forget her gentle touch as she provided adjustments that were appropriate and encouraging.  Her classes were always different with not only great poses but always accompanied by insightful readings and music. I still, to this day, remember "if you're going to jump, dive".  She reads people incredibly well and adjusts the classes accordingly.  I have had the privilege of one on one sessions, partner work and larger classes and she always tailored the class just so.  Her physical practice is strong but her strength is in her ability to balance the physical and mental practice of yoga.  She is one of the least intimidating teachers I have met and invites you into her peaceful presence from the minute you meet her.  She practices what she preaches in life on her own journey to a healthy body and mind." 
-- Susan Dick -- Vancouver, BC, Canada 

"Heather joined our Surf Maroc team in May 2009 for 3 1/2 months as a Yoga Instructor and general fantastic member of the team.  She helped us provide amazing Yoga Surf Retreats here on the south coast of Morocco.  Heather's wonderful positive energy, genuine love and passion for yoga and everything in life, her warm smile, enthusiasm and kindness were felt and enjoyed by everyone who met her here.  She received some of the best feedback I've ever read in relation to her classes she gave on retreat, she touched many people's hearts and soul with her warmth, deep knowledge of yoga and creativity both in her classes and off the mat!  I remember Heather's 'Mariposa' Yoga Theory very well, it touched me when I read it and I think it a truly wonderful approach to life.  If you've not heard of it yet then I highly recommend you join one of Heather's classes or retreats very soon to see for yourself!!!  We were very lucky to have Heather work with us and I hope our paths will cross again.  With all our love, light, luck and best wishes from Vicki, Ollie and baby Isaac xxx"
-- Vicki Boswell, Creator of Yoga Surf Retreats, Surf Maroc -- Morocco & England  

“I will be the first to sign up for Creative Flow teacher training from Heather.  She has inspired me already to bring my own flow, creativity and love into my practice and I have not before, nor since, found since a practice that enables be to realise my full in the same way.  The mixture of styles, dynamic flow and stories of Hinduism and mythology she brings to every class makes each unique and exciting to be a part of.  Where do I sign!?” 
-- Ellie La Trobe-Bateman -- Wales

"What can I say about Heather other than wow.  She is just a wonderful human being all around.  My family and I were delayed in the states ill when Heather arrived to her 3 month teaching position at El Camino del Sol, Nicaragua.  She and her friend Sven were literally handed the keys and a guest schedule and told I would be there in a few weeks.  They took control and took care of everything perfectly “AND I MEAN PERFECTLY”. When we booked Heather, little did we know that she had some caretaker experience too.  What a twist of fate.  When we arrived at the resort, everyone (the staff, guests, local community and expatriate community) had already fallen in love with her.  She can market herself, too.  However, even with all of these skills, you have yet to hear the best part.  Her Yoga Classes are amazing.  She has such a sense. She is so in touch.  She is knowledgeable, but presents instruction in an unassuming manner. I can truly say that her classes are some of the best I have ever attended.  And I have had the pleasure of taking a lot of classes with many instructors.  I believe that Heather calls it “Practicing Yoga on and off the Mat”.  She lives it.  Waking up early, it gave me and my family happiness just seeing her down under the Yoga Rancho in her own practice.  It was almost like she was blessing her sacred space for everyone to gain energy from throughout the day.  And this energy radiated throughout the community in the same way that the sun warms the earth.  She is always missed but never forgotten.  I hope that one day in the future we will be able to repeat a different yet similar experience with this wonderful person.  Heather is amazing."  
-- Jason Rice -- General Partner, El Camino Del Sol, Nicaragua 

"I 'fell' into Heather's yoga class quite serendipitously.  Knowing little yoga, and still recovering from cancer, Heather's class was like a warm embrace into living.  Without any knowledge of my history, Heather's comments and guidance helped me take some important steps (and poses) past my fears and physical limitations.  As a former Pilates instructor, I know and appreciate a good teacher when I see one.  Heather embodies all of the qualities that make a superb teacher: technical knowledge, spiritual understanding, compassion, and the ability to communicate it all ever-so-clearly."
-- Jessica -- Brooklyn, New York City, USA 

"Heather is a beautiful goddess.  Her light hearted and openness allowed me to let my guard down and become friends from the start.  She's full of compassion and has an openness to explore -- not only towards her yoga practice but also with the all the worldly people she meets.  I learned many things about myself by being close to Heather and the short interaction we shared has changed my own openness and compassion towards my yoga practice and the people I met.  For this I am grateful." 
-- Khira -- Global Yogini

"My first experience of yoga was with Heather on a retreat in Morocco.  I had no previous experience and was a little apprehensive to say the least.  At that point the idea of a retreat for me was all about the chilling but from the first moment I met Heather, all that changed and I fell in love with yoga (and couldn't quite believe it had taken me so long to discover it).  Like most things in life, much depends on your teacher and Heather was such an inspiration - gentle and encouraging - she helped and guided us all so much.  I learned loads in that retreat and looked forward to every class. we would often see her doing a lot of preparation for the classes which showed in the ease of which each practice flowed.  Heather would incorporate various blends of yoga, breathing, exciting chakra work and beautiful stories. it was so free, natural and liberating; we just loved it.  It was a real mind, body and spirit experience.  I felt great for ages after the retreat and now practice regularly."
-- Fi Lane  -- London, England

" Thank you for your spacial way to yoga.  To life.....
Although I met you for a very short time, a few hours, 
I can say, too short but enough to realize the simplicity of
yoga, when you combine it with breath and movement.
Sending you all the way from little Israel big love
and I wish you a lot of success in every way you go. 
I have a faith in you
big one"
-- Maya -- Israel

"Myself and Leanne had a great week with you last year in Morocco at Surf Maroc.  Just to let you know we found the week of yoga inspiring and albeit I had been to some classes over the years last year was a turning point for me; you'll be happy to know that since returning to 'normal' day life I have been practising consistently and attending on average 5 classes a week - however none have compared to the uniqueness of our time with you in Morocco -although my headstands are strong these days!!"
-- Stuart Carberry -- Edinburgh, Scotland

"A dedicated practitioner and inspiring yoga teacher.  Continue to shine your light, Heather”
– Joseph [RYT 500 Hours] / Yoga Barn / Bali

"Although I never had the chance to practice yoga with Heather, I was fortunate enough to have crossed paths with her while traveling throughout various parts of India. Yoga is not just a physical practice; it is a lifestyle.  Heather's lifestyle reflects her inner beauty and she has a very strong will to teach others the art, mystery, and wonder of the Hatha yoga practice.  I am confident to say that she is an amazing friend and teacher!  Namaste."
-- Jennifer Tun -- USA

"Heather is hmmmmm...an amazing, inspiring and wonderful teacher and still she is Heather!  I met her in Goa, India in November 2009 and I felt destiny had decided that I should be in her class at Lotus Yoga Retreat.  I enjoyed her classes, a vigorous practice packed with philosphical and spiritual background, so just the right mix.  I especially loved the morning classes with this magnificent scenery of the Yoga Shala facing the gorgeous Indian Ocean.  Simply heaven!  Thank you Heather for an unforgetable time, hope to join you some day again on one of your retreats in Yogi world!  All the best!" 
-- Inken Tietz -- Germany

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Heather Rideout for many years.  Heather's adventurous, yet gentle spirit has left a lasting impression on me.  It is a joy to know her, and follow her personal journey. She is an inspiration to me and anyone who she comes in contact with.  As a fellow yoga instructor, I am so happy to recommend Heather as a teacher.  Her calm, confident, supportive nature allows every student to feel secure and at ease.  She has a gentle, yet strong style, that is appropriate for students of all levels and interests.  Her travels and experiences have given her wisdom beyond her years.  It is my belief that Heather is an excellent yoga instructor, and her classes are not to be missed!"
-- Julie Cockburn -- Bend, Oregon, USA 

"You really did change my path in a very, very blissful way.  Will you be going to teach in India again any time in the future?  I would love to be your student again!!!  You have an amazing energy and such a kind, understanding and unique way with poeple; you really make a difference.  Best wishes!!"
-- Eva -- Finland 

"I wanted to thank you for the great lessons you gave and not just because I have to say this.  When I gave my first yoga class on Wednesday evening, I really noticed the huge inspiration you gave me.  I also had a class on Thursday morning and people even came to me and said that they felt the new “input”.  It feels to me as I really want to open up more in my way of teaching, the way of “approaching” the people.  You made me realise that it’s not that invincible to combine the more spiritual aspects of yoga with the physical within a class.  It’s not only about the poses and how it feels but it’s so much more about stimulating people to go inside their bodies and feel what’s going on there; which isn’t easy to do in a “not forced” manner.  It must be created in a very natural, spontaneous way, so people only realise what actually happened when class is over (or during corpse pose).  I think it’s a good thing if people leave the class with some things to think about for themselves.  In that way I must say: you are a very good speaker.  I suppose you prepare the things you want to say (I saw your papers each class on the floor; actually, maybe I should have copied them!  Just kidding!), but even then you still need the skill to tell it in a convincing and inspiring way.  Or Chakra 5 has to be perfectly balanced/ opened!"
-- Veronique Lagae -- Belgium   

"Having spent a short time in Heather's company in Morocco recently I found her to be extremely friendly, sincere, and professional.  She has a lovely gentle manner which is very calming. Her yoga classes were excellent and greatly enhanced our stay in Morocco."
-- Nikki -- Scotland

"Heather taught me yoga whilst was at Lotus Yoga Retreat in Goa.  She brought such a positive energy and spirit to the group - we all fell in love with the themed practice and freedom of movement she promoted in the postures to music.  Heather worked hard to prepare our classes and I came away after each one feeling as though I had learnt something, inspired to practice more and excited about the next!"
-- Leanne -- London, England 

"Heather is a healthy, happy yogini and being in her presence will support your yogic path.  She brings joy from all the places she has traveled.  May you have the good fortune to experience doing yoga with her."
-- Louisa Gluck, licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, California, USA

"Yoga with Heather put me on the right path to spiritual healing and beyond, at the same time I became enlightened, amazing experience.  Heather apart from being a beautiful individual, she really is connected with the universe in all senses, with a true meditation practice, rejuvenating the mind, soul and body, nothing compares.   I am so grateful to have met and experienced yoga with Heather, thank you and God bless.  P.S. Hoping that one day soon she will come back to Nicaragua, Nica Yoga El Camino del Sol and teach us more!!!
-- Mary -- Owner of El Colibri, San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua