Wanderlust Yoga
      "Would you like to dance around the world with me...?" - dmb


Ganapati Om -- Dave Stringer -- Japa
Ganapati -- Girish -- Shiva Machine
Jaia Ganesha -- The Dum Dum Project --Yoga Rhythms compiled by Shiva Rea
Ganesh is Fresh (feat.  Jai Uttal) -- MC Yogi -- Elephant Power
Elephant Power (feat. Bhagavan Das) -- MC Yogi -- Elephant Power
Dancing with Ganesah -- Zingala -- Soles on Earth
Om Jaya Ganapataye -- Wah! -- Hidden in the Name
Ganesha -- Jagati -- Firefly
Ganesha Sharanam -- Rasa -- Devotion
Ganashyama -- Dave Stringer -- Planet Yoga: Music for Meditation, Yoga and Peace
'Chakra Flow'

Amandrai -- Ali Farka Toure & Ry Cooder -- Talking Timbuktu
Infusion (Bombay Mix) -- Various Artists -- Jala compiled by Shiva Rea  
Freeze (Yoga Mix) -- Kodomo -- OM Yoga Mix 2
Shiraz -- Sharif -- Sahara Lounge
Arhil -- Bahia El Idrissi -- Sahara Lounge
Dansez-Vous -- Pink Martini -- Hang on Little Tomato
Don't Forget to Breathe -- Beulah -- Yoga One
Do Something -- Macy Gray -- On How Life Is
Mariposa Tracionera -- Mana -- Revolucion de Amor
Hanina (Jasmon Mix) -- Jasmon -- Sahara Lounge
No Woman, No Cry -- Peter Rowan --Putumayo Presents Reggae
Somewhere Over the Rainbow -- Israel Kamakawiwo'ole -- Facing Future
'Swadistana (Second) Chakra'

Crystal Cave -- Gabrielle Roth & the Mirrors -- Sundari
Gorecki -- Lamb -- Lamb
Nomad -- Niraj Chag -- Jala compiled by Shiva Rea
Cleopatra in NY (Zim Zam Mix) -- Nickodemus -- Sahara Lounge
Strongman -- Luscious Jackson -- Natural Ingredients
Moving -- Eleganic -- Ajani
Shameless -- Ani DiFranco -- Dilate
Happy Phantom -- Tori Amos -- Little Earthquakes
Song of the Black Swan -- Pink Martini -- Hang on Little Tomato
No Need to Argue -- The Cranberries -- No Need to Argue
Invocation of the Great Mother -- Shanti Shivani -- Shakti Rhythms
Closing -- Wah! -- Jai Ma: White Swan Yoga
'Virabhadrasana Flow'

707 Delight (Kirtan Mix) -- Rara Avis -- Shakti Rhythms
Groove Holmes -- Beastie Boys -- Check Your Head
Sabrosa -- Beastie Boys -- Ill Communication
Keeps Getting Better -- Eleganic -- Ajani
A Llil -- Karmix -- Yoga Mela
Blue Lines -- Massive Attack -- The Greatest Hits
Anna (El Negro Zumbon) -- Pink Martini --Hang on Little Tomato
Rock on Hanuman (feat. Krishna Das) -- MC Yogi -- Elephant Power
Chubb Sub -- Medeski, Martin & Wood -- Last Chance to Dance
Jay Ambe -- Dave Stringer -- Japa
Cinquante Six -- Ali Farka Toure -- The Source
Namaste -- Beastie Boys -- Check Your Head

One Good Dub -- Kaya Project -- Elixir
Asmaaniac -- T J Rehmi -- The Warm Chill
Aja (Ode to Sunshine) -- T J Rehmi -- The Warm Chill
Passage to India -- Ragi -- The Greatest Songs Ever: India
Ringa Ringa -- A.R. Rahman -- Slumdog Millionaire Soundtrack
Dhol Track -- Sahara -- The Greatest Songs Ever: India
Sir Dukh Da -- Saqi --The Greatest Songs Ever: India
Koradika -- Don Shiva -- The Greatest Songs Ever: India
Zara Zara -- Bombay S. Jayashri -- Putumayo Presents India
Om Namah Shivaya -- Govindas -- Endless Summer Kirtan Experience
Govinda Jaya Jaya -- Dave Stringer -- Mala
Raga Tilak Kamod -- Al Gromer Khan -- Sitar Secrets
Chandra -- Benjy Wertheimer and Michael Mandrell -- Shavasana: White Swan
Prayer -- Sangeeta Bandyopadhyay -- The Greatest Songs Ever: India
Om Shanti -- Various Artists -- Jala compiled by Shiva Rea


Slide -- Kaya Project -- Walking Through
Solar Spirit -- Asiatronic -- Asana 2: Moving Meditation
Beauty Beats -- Beats Antique -- Collide
Elephant Style -- The Dum Dum Project -- Export Quality
Lebanese Blonde -- Thievery Corporation -- The Mirror Conspiracy
High Low (feat. Zap Mama) -- Michael Franti & Spearhead -- All Rebel Rockers 
Tuesday -- T J Rehmi -- OM Yoga and Meditation
Kala Infinite -- Asana -- Ohm Shanti
Ke Lei Ma La -- Antion -- Shakti Rhythms
Om Namah Shivayah -- Jagati -- Firefly
Invocation -- Deva Premal -- Moola Mantra


Namah Shivaya -- Geoffrey Gordon -- Yoga Trance Dance
Aftermath -- Tricky -- Maxinquaye
Rafiki -- Zap Mama -- A Ma Zone
You Are We Am I (Red Mix) -- T J Rehmi --Tandava
Real Love (feat. Natasja Saad) -- Van Daler & Low Pressure -- Buddha Bar X
Soft Serve -- Soul Coughing -- Irresistible Bliss
Teardrop (feat. Elizabeth Fraser) -- Massive Attack -- The Greatest Hits
One Step Closer to You -- Michael Franti & Spearhead -- Yell Fire!
Om Namah Shivaya -- Jagati -- Firefly
Shiva Invocation -- Shantala -- The Love Window 
Shiva -- Wah! -- Savasana 2
Shiva's Flute -- Shaman's Dream -- Kerala Dream
A Warm Place -- Nine Inch Nails -- The Downward Spiral

Dreamcatcher -- Bahramji & Maneesh De Moor -- Tandava
Crossing the Desert (Remember Light Remix) -- Various Artists -- Jala compiled by Shiva Rea
Transform -- T J Rehmi -- Yoga Rhythms compiled by Shiva Rea
Infusion (Bombay Mix) -- Various Artists -- Jala compiled by Shiva Rea
Chakra Dance -- Sonic Tribe -- Spirit Rising
I Got Love for You -- Michael Franti & Spearhead -- All Rebel Rockers
Wandering Eye -- Fat Freddy's Drop -- Based On a True Story
Mellow Mood -- Bob Marley & The Wailers -- The Best of Bob Marley
Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness -- Smashing Pumpkins -- Mellon Collie and... 
Autumn Leaves -- Paolo Nutini -- These Streets
Devorzhum -- Dead Can Dance -- Spirit Chaser
Moon's Eye View -- Geoffrey Gordon -- Yoga Trance Dance
Form 6 -- Greg Ellis -- Kala Rupa
Entheos -- Ben Leinbach -- Yoga Trance Dance
'World -- The Body as a Map'

Sa Trincha -- B-Tribe -- Sensual Sensual
La Guapa -- B-Tribe -- Sensual Sensual
Funkeridu -- Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors -- Trance
In Ghana -- Rocky Dawuni -- Putamayo Presents Reggae
Diaraby Magni -- Vieux Farka Toure -- Fondo
Jai Ma -- Shakti Fusion -- Shakti Fusion
Ciranda -- Marcio Faraco -- Acoustic Brazil
Makola -- Baba Djan -- Gardens of Eden
Nagumomo -- Susheela Raman -- Putumayo Presents India
Titati -- Habib Koite & Bamada -- Afriki
Stir It Up -- Jerry Garcia Band -- Pure Jerry: Theatre 1839
Redemption Song -- Bob Marley & The Wailers -- Legend
Anasazi Dreamers -- Gary Stroutsos -- Within You Without You
Samadhi -- Shaman's Dream -- Kerala Dream

Amazing Grace -- Ani DiFranco -- Dilate
Carry You -- Dispatch -- Who Are We Living For?
On and On -- Erykah Badu -- Badulzm
Son Of A Preacher Man -- Dusty Springfield -- Pulp Fiction Soundtrack
Make It Funky -- James Brown -- 20 All Time Greatest Hits
Stay (Wasting Time) -- Dave Matthews Band -- Before These Crowded Streets
New Shoes -- Paolo Nutini -- These Streets
Blues Music -- G. Love & Special Sauce -- G. Love & Special Sauce
Sugar Free Jazz -- Soul Coughing -- Ruby Vroom
Rodeo Clowns -- Jack Johnson -- On & On
Heaven -- Rusted Root -- Remember
Peaches & Cream -- The John Butler Trio -- Sunrise Over Sea
Elsewhere -- Sarah McLachlan -- The Freedom Sessions
Never Is A Promise -- Fiona Apple -- Tidal
Soothe -- Smashing Pumpkins -- Pisces Iscariot
My Sisters And Brothers -- Jerry Garcia Band -- Pure Jerry: Theatre 1839
Imagine -- John Lennon -- The John Lennon Collection

Music and dance have always touched my life. I was part of a really sweet workshop while I was at the Bali Spirit Yoga and Music Festival in 2009 called 'Yoga and Music Consciousness.' It explored how yoga with music is integration, it's another way we can connect to vibration as the pulsation of the universe. Music is experienced in our own unique way, just as yoga should be experienced in our own way. The two together can lead you on a journey during your practice, bringing you to another level of awareness. In the workshop we chanted mantra, African-Reggae performer Rocky Dawuni sang and played drums, and we all danced about in a glorious movement meditation led by Maria Garre to embody each of the four elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire). Bliss. Music and sound are just other ways of moving energy in the body to unblock whatever needs to flow. Shiva Rea describes these ritual sadhanas, or practices, as "a groove to oneself." I dig that. I want you to find your groove. 

I experience a lot of joy when I put together playlists for my yoga classes. It reminds me of when I was younger and I would create mix-tapes that were just right for that particular occasion or feeling I had. It's about the arc of flow: where we begin, where we evolve to, and finally where we rest.

I made a wonderful friend with a guest at Surf Maroc named Chris. Chris was new to yoga and very open to it. We were talking about music and yoga and I was telling him how I'm very diverse with music in class: kirtan, hip-hop, dance, reggae, world, jazz, funk, soul...he then said to me, "So yoga music isn't just about listening to flutes, pipes and whales?"

Friends often ask about my music and copy down songs from my Ipod, so I'm making it easier for you here with some of the playlists I've shared in class --
happy listening!