Wanderlust Yoga

Live A Story That Moves You. 

Heather Daya Rideout

Email:  hrideout10@yahoo.com

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions, feedback, requests or anything else you may conjure up to ask.

And remember...I have yoga mat and will travel! The wanderlust bug keeps me open to traveling anywhere in the world to share the gift of yoga; this is how I'm most in my flow. If you are interested in having me come teach at your space, or if you would like to suggest I lead classes or a yoga retreat somewhere close to you, let me know. I'm up for most any experience with instructing yoga in the world: in your home, on a boat, at your business place, or that dream destination...this is how the adventure lives on!

I'm also open to more freelance writing work on backpacking, hiking, women adventure travel, yoga, meditation and mindfulness.