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This page is a blog with my musings and reflections on my life with yoga and travel. This is what I love most about my yoga sadhana, when I go into the practice of svadhyaha, or self-study. It's when I really understand that my practice with the breath opens me up to so many more experiences in life around the globe, and I'm more present and alive beacuse of it.

Here's some of what I think.  Here's some of what I feel.

Besides my blog, I've also been a contributor to the podcast, Out There, which explores big questions through stories of life in the outdoors. Here's the episode I narrate a story of mine from thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail, called Pleasure In Pain.   

On my 2019 Pacific Crest Trail hike, I was a blogger for the site, The Trek. You can read my wild, wacky and whimsical posts here.

These days I've been doing more hiking and backpacking freelance writing and I'm happy to share my work below.

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